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Susan Nickerson and her dear friend Maggie Steig, founding director of Susan's Retreat, triumphantly celebrating Susan's successful ascent of the Mayan temple Tikal, in northern Guatemala, near the end of her life.

Susan’s Retreat is the legacy of Susan A. Nickerson, who was a woman of great personal style with a razor sharp mind, a keen eye for beauty, and a very generous and kind heart. As a successful businesswoman in the hospitality industry, her company, Meeting Forum, hosted scores of meetings for some of the country’s leading pharmaceutical companies. Susan was greatly appreciated for her ability to make large groups of guests feel welcome and comfortable.

During her battle with cancer Susan was very grateful to have access to a place of natural beauty, her home in Ipswich, MA, where she would go to clear her head and think positively, and she wanted others in the difficult predicament of breast cancer treatment to have that same opportunity. Susan left a Giving Fund to accomplish that goal. Her end of life wish was to provide something pleasurable and uplifting to women and men battling this disease.

Susan’s family and friends are committed to seeing Susan’s vision for the gift of a retreat become a reality for as many recipients as possible. Led by Susan’s brother, Casey Nickerson, we will endeavor to provide a time of respite to breast cancer patients to engage the spirit of hope.


Maggie Steig is the founding director of Susan's Retreat. She first met Susan Nickerson in 1991 through work– Maggie's company, Extraordinary Events, provided corporate event design & execution to Susan's company, Meeting Forum, for 12 years. A shared love of art, antiques, cuisine, and travel cemented their friendship. Maggie's background is in the visual and performing arts, she received her degree in metalsmithing from Boston University, winning the Royal Society of Arts Medal. Currently she is a corporate consultant in the field of leadership authenticity & presence. She enjoys spending time with her daughter, hiking, and exploring new places.

Elizabeth Morrow is an advisor to Susan's Retreat. Before joining the staff, Elizabeth was a supporter and friend of the organization because of her friendship with Susan Nickerson's nephew, Warner. Elizabeth received her bachelor's degree from New York University and her master's from Tufts. She worked in the Women's Rights Division at Human Rights Watch before founding Participation is Power in Politics (3P), a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing technical assistance and capacity building trainings to community-based women's organizations. She has worked extensively with organizations devoted to improving the lives of at-risk women and girls, including Project Hope, Common Ground, Brooklyn International High School, Mujeres Artesanas de las Regiones de Oaxaca, and UNIFEM.

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