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some of our guests


I reflected several times during the trip on Susan’s story, her reason for doing this, and I thanked her very much for making this possible. While I was sorry she passed away from breast cancer, I told her, in my mind, that I was very, very grateful to her for setting up such a foundation and for making such a wonderful getaway possible for me and so many others – what a generous and caring and selfless idea.

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I am a male breast cancer survivor.  I am so honored and humbled by this whole experience and the kindness and generosity of people. My wife and I look forward to bringing our daughter to this hotel someday to make even more happy memories. My wife and I always look back on this trip with such joy; it really helped us out at a time when we needed it.

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If I had the opportunity to go back to May 24th, 2007 and "unchoose" cancer, I would not. Let me explain. Cancer taught me that I am kick ass warrior goddess strong. I have a fabulous new life...

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My husband and I cannot begin to describe how overwhelmed we were with emotion to go on a Susan's Retreat. In the midst of so much stress, it was nice to take part in this wonderful and unforgettable gift. Being pregnant while undergoing treatments for metastatic breast cancer, the birth of our baby had been put on the back burner. This retreat gave us the opportunity to really think and focus on the blessings that are coming our way.

What we'll take away from the experience- the generosity of others to allow my husband and I the opportunity to forget about cancer for a while and rejoice in our countless blessings.

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